Marine Surveyor in Middle River


When on the lookout for a marine surveyor in Middle River, you should hire someone with experience in the yacht and small boat surveying industry. East Coast Marine Consulting has more than 17 years as a boat inspection consultant. When you hire us, you’re guaranteed to receive a thorough inspection of your vessel and quality service every time.

Types of Boat Inspection Surveys

We provide a variety of surveys, depending on the needs of our clients. We take our time to conduct the surveys to ensure we document everything in order to prepare a report that will be provided to you upon completion.

Appraisal Surveys

The purpose of this inspection is to determine the vessel’s value in the event the owner would like to sell or donate their property. Value surveys are also good for those seeking to refinance or settle an estate. We take overall appearance and condition into account when determining value. While not as thorough as the surveys listed below, it gives our clients an idea of the fair market value of their vessel as compared to comparable vessels.

Damage Inspections Survey

In the event you need a survey to determine the extent of damage caused to your boat, we carefully examine your boat before recommending any repairs. We will provide you with the estimated cost to fix the damage and a projected timeline of completion. We are happy to complete a final inspection after repairs have been completed.

Insurance Survey

These types of surveys are conducted to determine the marine risk, value, and document the inventory of the boat before insurance companies provide new coverage or renewals for existing clients.

marine-surveyor-middle-riverFinance Survey

Banks request surveys from independent third party companies for unbiased information pertaining to the current value of a vessel. A finance survey will uncover if the boat is being maintained and is in good condition. The thoroughness of these surveys depends largely on the details requested by the bank or financier. Someone might need a finance survey if they are seeking a loan or would like to refinance a current loan.

Pre-Purchase Survey

This is also known as a Condition and Value (C&V) Survey. Purchasing a boat is a huge step for most buyers. Before signing any agreement, it is wise to request a boat inspection by a reputable marine surveyor. Consider having a full survey conducted to determine the overall condition of the vessel. You will want to know if the rigging, electrical system, hull, propulsion, and more, are in good condition.

We include the following in this comprehensive survey:

  • Documentation
  • Fair market value
  • Replacement value
  • Assessment of overall maintenance
  • Current condition of vessel

Trust us—you do not want to get out on the water only to discover the navigation system is faulty. Let a professional inspect everything to discover any problems beforehand. 

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